4 Apr

Okay. TopShop has finally landed on Broadway & Broome. On April 2nd, London’s TopShop opened its first U.S. store in New York, after nearly a one and half years of build-up and hype. TopShop was founded in London in 1964, over 250,000 shoppers go through the doors of 214 Oxford Street every week, 40,000 pairs of jeans bought weekly, 30 pairs of panties sold every minute. The Debut of Kate Moss for TopShop sold out in three minutes. This. Ish. Is. Crazy.

While I did not brave the opening day like some of these nutsos:

I could not resist taking a visit today, with an equally eager friend, the day after the big opening. I had no idea that what we would find was a practically two-block-long line around the corner of Broome Street. There was no way we were going to wait 2 hours to spend money we didn’t really have, so defeatedly photowe peered into the window displays and lingered in front of the entrance. All of a sudden, I found myself chatting with a lovely older security guard with kind, kind eyes. With no shame, not knowing what had come over me, I found myself asking if he had any women in his family, and if he did, if he might, perhaps, allow those women to skip ahead in the line. He was receptive to my shamelessness, so I persisted, saying “we could practically be cousins!”, when out of the blue, the manager to the DJ performing in-store approached and was escorted directly inside. Without flinching, our new best friend said with a wink “are you ladies with the band, as well?” and ushered us in. It happened, we were inside the mythical TopShop.

To begin, the New York TopShop is 25,000 Sq. Feet. The security guard told us they are only aloud to let 300 people in at one time. There are three stories of women’s clothing and the basement is reserved for TopMen. Here are some of my thoughts:


-The crowning glory has to be the jewelry. Gigantic, glorious, jewelry.

-Free Shit: this weekend they are giving away free tote bags, coin purses, free makeup-applications from

free hair-dos in the store

free hair-dos in the store

Makeup Forever, free hair-doing by Brooklyn salon Woodley & Bunny, free manicures by Valley NYC.

-Many of the clothes were beautiful, edgy, cute, and colorful.

-The girls working this weekend, despite being worked to the bone, were super helpful & sweet.

-There is a 10% discount for students…or for people who just might happen to still have a student ID and have just maybe scratched the date stick from the back…


-Despite the shoes being artful and exciting to look at, most of them had what seemed to be 6-inch heels that most people could not and would not ever wear.

-It is EXPENSIVE. Not expensive compared to some designer diggs, but most of the dresses were from $65-110, the t-shirts from $35-65, the jewelry from $25-60. This is no H&M.

-The fitting room lines were ridiculous, 20-30 minute wait time.

**All said and done, at the end of the day (or by the end of the month) TopShop is a phenomenon worth checking out.**

Below are some of the pics from the TopShop Premiere on Wednesday night, via

Alexander Wang & Zoe Kravitz

Alexander Wang & Zoe Kravitz

Santigold & Trouble Andrew

Santigold & Trouble Andrew

Jenny & Marc

Jenny & Marc


One Response to “TOPSHOP MADNESS”

  1. Jeffery April 4, 2009 at 3:31 pm #

    Thank u for the informative & entertaining post! As long as it’s crowded madness, I will be avoiding.

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