film style: THE WARRIORS

8 Apr


In the spirit of New York’s decline into the 1970s (with help from the MTA Doomsday Budget Plan), I will be celebrating the style of a girl gang, The Lizzies, in Walter Hill’s 1979 classic, The Warriors. For those not familiar with the plot, the movie follows a gang, some real tough guys (dig those vests!), The Warriors, on an epic journey back to their turf in Coney Island from an all-gang meeting in the Bronx after being framed for a controversial murder. Between The Bronx and Coney Island, The Warriors encounter a slew of neighborhood gangs trying to kill them. One of those gangs being the Union Square Lizzies.


Trying to pull off the quintessential late 70’s girl-gang look can be tough. Luckily, The Lizzies keep things simple. Weapons of choice: knives & an occasional handgun. thelizzies013Clothing of choice: jeans, tees or button-downs, something with a hood. If a Lizzie has hair, she keeps it big, a Lizzie rocking a short cut, keeps it slick.

As a young woman in Doomsday-Budget-Era New York City, you might find yourself skulking around the Union Square station on the weekend, endlessly waiting for a train. While you are probably at the station for a ride back to your outer-borough apartment, and The Lizzies were there to shank some Warriors, the station is the same – why not rock the Lizzies style?

insightteeFirst things, first: being a girl on the move, you’ll want a good fundamental layer – you never know when things will cool down or heat up, fast. Try Insight’s What’s the Story tee– it’s relaxed-fit, scoop neck and has a snap at the back that lets you cinch-in the shape.

marcbymarcNext, you’ll need to cover up, and if you’re like a Lizzie, you’ll go for comfort & style. Like this Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Stellar Dot’ Jacquard Hoody.

membersonlyjacketsThen, of course, you need a little bit of sex appeal. Look slim & dangerous in these  Members Only Liquid Leather Leggings.


To cop the style of other gangs from The Warriors, click here.


4 Responses to “film style: THE WARRIORS”

  1. racruzzo April 8, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    I finally stumbled upon this movie last summer. How about I slick my hair and you fluff yours out, and we both get ready to shank some MTA Criminals?

    • lechicbatik April 8, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

      i’ll get to fluffin’

  2. racruzzo April 11, 2009 at 5:36 am #

    Oh, and look at the screenstill of one of the Van Cortlandt Rangers on the website you posted. HELLA fine.


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