29 Sep
rapture 6

rapture 6

A cool new selection of drawings from James Roper, “Rapture/Rupture”. From his website, Roper describes:

As Ballard described in such novels as ‘Crash’ and ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’, I have similarly explored this
theme through the structure and landscape of the body, how our bodies move through our environment and
their physical relationship to architectural forms as well as the immediate folds in the fabric of our clothes.
Also the fetishism of inanimate objects and the fusion of body and object or self and other which is apparent
within many religious practices especially in Eastern Philosophy. This inter-connection between the internal
and external can also be seen in Deleuze’s concept of the fold:

“The outside is not a fixed limit but a moving matter animated by peristaltic movements, folds and
foldings that together make up an inside: they are not something other than the outside, but
precisely the inside of the outside.” (Deleuze – Foucault)

rapture 7

rapture 7

rapture 11

rapture 11


rapture 4

rapture 4

rupture 2

rupture 2

rupture 3

rupture 3



2 Responses to “Rapture/Rupture”

  1. judelawscousin October 6, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    The first and last are cool, but after you see the first picture the rest are just alternate versions. The last is cool because the “object” is spilling out of the car as opposed to being next to it. Sometimes the conflicting images look layered as opposed to integrated with one another.

  2. Eli October 11, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    I agree with above, although, the differences are pretty cool. How some (1st and 3rd) appear to be exploding out while 4th is burning up and the 2nd is just hanging out. The last one (the car) is for some reason the creepiest, most evocative.

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