Tulle of the Trade

6 Oct


Viktor & Rolf’s RTW Spring 2010 line, filled with 3-dimensional shapes and restructured tulle elements is, to me,  one of the more aesthetically interesting collections I’ve looked at this season . The line was criticized this week on WWD for being unwearable and without aim:

 “This was a camped-out affair, with gigantic tulle appendages in turquoise, lavender and peach jutting off of shoulders, flapping against hips and piled sky-high upon shoulders, rendering a girl neckless…exactly what Horsting and Snoeren intended to telegraph here remained unclear; certainly very little about how they think women should dress next spring. Which is not to say there is no longer room in fashion for theater. But especially these days, if a collection is going to be over-the-top, it should be so for a reason — to provoke or inspire.”

Truthfully, I may not feel provoked or inspired by this collection. But from the perspective of someone who will not be able to afford their Ready-to-Wear when it hits stores, I am not effected by it being unwearable. I’m satisfied that they put on a unique, eye-catching show, even if it is, perhaps, without reason.








One Response to “Tulle of the Trade”

  1. Eli October 11, 2009 at 12:36 pm #

    after just seeing the first one I was ready to agree with the critique, but when you look at the rest, they are just pretty cool. Also, I think one could take plenty of inspiration about what to where if one was willing to look weird. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd.

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