Lost Land of Lithographs

18 Oct


There are several really great exhibitions running at NYC museums this month. Among them, currently on exhibit at the New Museum, a collection of lithographs and prints from Emory Douglas.

Emory Douglas was the Revolutionary Artist of the Black Panther Party and later their Minister of Culture. He created the overall design of the Black Panther, the Party’s weekly newspaper, and oversaw its layout and production until the Black Panthers disbanded in 1979–80. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, Douglas made countless artworks, illustrations, and cartoons, which were reproduced in the paper and distributed as prints, posters, cards, and even sculptures. All of them utilized a straightforward graphic style and a vocabulary of images that would become synonymous with the Party and the issues it fought for. <From New Museum>

In conjunction with the exhibit, a new mural will be installed on 122nd Street and Third Avenue in Harlem. The Mural will be Douglas’ first public work in New York City & will involve up to 15 local teenagers to work as part of the mural team. Can’t wait to see it!

Some of my favorite Emory Douglas to follow:Listen






One Response to “Lost Land of Lithographs”

  1. judelawscousin October 22, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    thanks for this piece of history….lovin’ dude’s style.

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