People of the Thread

4 Nov


Some Maurizio Anzeri to go ’round. Working with photography & embroidery he creates a madly textured, in some cases, creepy evocation from the photos he uses. I like them.

‘I work with sewing, embroidery and drawing to explore the essence of signs in their physical manifestation. I take inspiration from my own personal experience and observation of how, in other cultures, bodies themselves are treated as living graphic symbols. I then use sewing and embroidery in a further attempt to re-signify, and mark the space with a man-made sign, a trace. I am interested in people’s stories and histories, and the relation between intimacy and the outer world. I have been working with hair for the past few years. I stitch and sew hair together until it becomes a sculpture. I see hair as a metaphorical medium to represent bodily boundaries, the embodiment of space.’ Maurizio Anzeri








2 Responses to “People of the Thread”

  1. Dueling Zithers November 5, 2009 at 12:02 am #

    When I saw the “people who kind of look like fish” tag, I thought this might tie into the recent Bloomberg re-election. I’m almost certain that he is a fish in a man-suit. Or more accurately, an Iguana/Carp Fish hybrid in a man-suit. But alas, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this entry instead features some oddly intriguing photo-embroidery. That first image is downright creepy, and the baby in the last is both funny and unsettling in its Oyster Boy resemblance.

  2. hiffIrriscurn August 6, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    Houston, TX – The Houston Texans signed Andre Johnson to a two-year contract magnitude on Thursday, a see to that, according to the Houston List, makes him the highest paid major receiver in the NFL.

    Johnson, 29, led the NFL in receiving yards the last two seasons and had five years and $35 million remaining on his existing contract.

    The Chronicle reported the increase to be significance $38.5 million, including $13 million guaranteed. On so so, Johnson will nowadays order $10.5 million per year settled the next seven seasons, not including fulfilment incentives.

    “I without exception said I wanted to participate in since one line-up, and to be gifted to depict representing the Houston Texans as a remedy for my in one piece profession is a tremendous honor,” Johnson said. “I usually said I wanted to be part of something special, and I knew that coming to a new classification, things were wealthy to be a slight raucous in the beginning, and without delay I think like things are engaging that turn for us.”

    The University of Miami-Florida issue has spent his whole seven-year race in Houston after the Texans selected him with the third all-embracing pick in the 2003 NFL Draft.

    Johnson has recorded back-to-back 1,500-yard receiving seasons, including a 101-catch, 1,569-yard operations last year. He also scored nine touchdowns in 2009 to up his career comprehensive to 42 TDs in 102 games.

    “After the last two years, cipher has played to the on the up that this girlish valet has as big that I’ve been about, other than one other bloke,” said head coach Gary Kubiak. “What he’s been doing has been primary, and there’s a lot more to come. So, that’s wealthy to be exciting.”

    He has caught 587 passes for 7,948 yards as a remainder the passage of his calling, moral two of the numerous organization records he owns.

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