2 Dec

Cleveland Institute of Art professor and photographer, Barry Underwood, creates these surreal and amazing natural portraits using light; divulging what Summit Fine Art calls “a secret unnatural moment in the natural world”. I sort of love them.

Underwood writes beautifully of his own work:

My work is an intersection between static and performing art. I search for and create landscapes that contain a mysterious element around which a narrative can be developed. The photographs imply a documentation of phenomenon, a secret supernatural or extraordinary event in the natural world. Ubiquitous features within an environment such as trees, earth, and bodies of water are isolated and altered.

In actuality an act, a fiction, is being created with light, color, and framing, pulling the viewer into a new, somewhat mythical narrative. I approach my work with a theatrical sensibility, using light and color subjectively as tools to transform the perception of space in the images.

By de-familiarizing common objects , the photographs transform the ordinary into the hyper-real, a banal landscape into a singular sensation. Dimensional objects appear to be flat, areas understood to be flat imply deep space. Lines between reality and imagination shift. The mundane and the seemingly familiar become significant, and act as semiotic informers.

Some of my favorites to follow:



One Response to “Lightscaping”

  1. jb December 2, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    So pretty!

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