Freezing Point

27 Jan

a young Vera Wang with skates

Two of my favorite things: The Olympics & Sarah Lawrence alum Vera Wang. With the Vancouver winter games around the corner, Wang is gearing up to design for male skater Evan Lysacek. An ice skater herself, and former Olympic hopeful, Wang reviews past skating outfits and discusses the nuances of designing for athletes with the Associated Press:

“You wouldn’t want someone to lose Olympic gold because their sleeve ripped off,” Wang says.

Other considerations: The outfit has to sparkle like eveningwear but function like workout gear; it has to stand up to the considerable wind generated by skaters’ speed; and it must be show-stopping from every angle, unlike a Hollywood-starlet gown that is usually photographed straight from the front or back.

“This is more pressure than an Oscar dress in a strange way,” she says.

The costume also has to complement the music. “I have to have the music for a skating costume,” she says, “and that’s not the way I normally work.”

Some of Vera’s skating outfits from the past:

Michelle Kwan covers WWD in Vera Wang's design before the 2002 Olympics

Nancy Kerrigan

Nancy Kerrigan

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Games air February 12th.


One Response to “Freezing Point”

  1. jb January 27, 2010 at 11:48 am #

    vera wang is amazing. can’t wait! i love that you shouted out slc.

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