Aerial Thread

10 Feb

Two days until the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, one day until New York Fashion Week, snow on the ground. I’m sort of obsessed with the meeting of these worlds, which is why I was especially keen on Rodarte designing outfits for Olympians. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte have dressed the athletes in photographer Ryan McGinley’s Olympic fashion mash-up portfolio, “The Highfliers”. The photographs are stunning and Rodarte’s designs are essential to their beauty and athleticism. They sort of remind me of an icy Where the Wild Things Are in arctic, aerial, space.

The sisters talk to T Magazine about the project:

Did you guys grow up watching the Olympics on TV? Do you have a favorite winter sport? Or maybe a winter sport “outfit”? The downhill skiers, for example, wear some pretty amazing getups! Almost like superhero costumes.

We have always loved the Olympics. Our favorites are ice skating and all of the aerial sports. We love the downhill skiing uniforms, as well as the snowboarders.

Any surprises along the way — good or bad?

Yes! Ryan broke his arm and still took photos of Hannah in a blizzard.

Some of my favorite photographs to follow:

Rachael Flatt, Figure Skater + Shaun White, Snowboarder

Emily Cook, Freestyle Skier

Johnny Weir, Figure Skater + Emily Cook, Freestyle Skier

Images from Nitrolicious & Refinery29


One Response to “Aerial Thread”

  1. jb February 11, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    cool post! can’t wait for ice skating.

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