An Upper Hand

21 Jul

I grew up in a nail shop & until recently, I was a strictly single-color-nail-polish girl. Forever armed with a shoe box full of shades I’d nabbed over the years from the my mom’s salon shelves, I’ve been DIYing my nails for years. Then, last month, I read a piece on Refinery29 about Solange Knowles’ “inspired style” and the final photo in the set featured her incredible, bright yellow, calgel* reverse french manicure…of my dreams.

Since discovering what’s possible, I’ve been hooked. When you begin to research creative nail design, the work of Sophy Robson is sure to soon follow. “Ms. Manicure”, as she’s been called, based out of London, Sophy’s work has appeared in French Vogue, Elle, on the hands of countless models, musicians, and the like. I’m newly obsessed with her designs & I’ve posted some of my favorites to share:

*Calgel is this awesome UV-activated nail system, check out Seoul Diva for more pictures of calgel designs.

Sophy Robson’s blog, here.


One Response to “An Upper Hand”

  1. MrJeffery July 21, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    love them!

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