Ciao, Lolita

2 Aug


Lolita Lebrón passed away last night in a hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at age 90. Known for her attack on the U.S. capitol in 1954, on behalf of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Lebrón’s message continues to go on unanswered in the commonwealth status of Puerto Rico.

None of the congressmen who were shot at during the attack died that day & Lolita was granted clemency from President Jimmy Carter after serving 25 years in prison, later to be received in Habana as a guest of Fidel Castro.

The Washington Post ran an article today, remembering Lolita Lebrón, my favorite exerpt from the article:

In the photograph, a striking Ms. Lebron wears a set jaw and a stylish skirt and jacket. She had expected to die that day, and police found a note in her purse along with a tube of lipstick and Bromo-Seltzer pills.

“My life I give for the freedom of my country,” the note read. “The United States of America are betraying the sacred principles of mankind in their continuous subjugation of my country.”

More images after the jump:


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