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After Myth

4 Nov

I’m really into these new tracks, the powerful concept & the work behind them. I’m also loving Freddy D. on the cover – the style of which echoes David Bowie’s “Heroes“. Thought I’d share Teo Blake’s debut album, “Death to Sambo”:

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Sleepy Hollow

31 Oct

Some personal photos for a change. Taken on a short journey up the Hudson with a dear friend. Thank you, Autumn. Continue reading

End Waves

25 Oct

Legs & arms, oh my! Some cool 3D animation, “Extremity”, from artist Emilio Gomariz, working out of Madrid:

<From Today & Tomorrow>

Visit Emilio’s site, here.

Flag Series

17 Oct

I really enjoyed New York artist Sara Rahbar’s Flag Series – a powerful, beautifully-titled collection of re-imagined U.S. flags made from textile and mixed media:

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Color, Excluded

14 Sep

Maaaan. It’s been too long. Enjoy these great paintings by Atlanta’s Amy Sherald:


From Sherald’s artist statement:

My work began as an exploration to exclude the idea of color as race from my paintings by removing “color” but still portraying racialised bodies as objects to be viewed through portraiture. These paintings originated as a creation of a fairytale, illustrating an alternate existence in response to a dominant narrative of black history.

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A Bubblegum Palette

4 Aug

I really like these photographs from Eastern Congo by Richard Mosse. There’s something other-worldly about them. They are not photoshopped. Mosse used Aerochrome Kodak Infrared film, an obsolete technology, to create the effect of purpleness.

The film, designed in connection with the United States military during the Cold War, reveals a spectrum of light beyond what the human eye can perceive. According to The New Yorker, Mosse aims “to shock the viewer with this surprising bubblegum palette, and provoke questions about how we tend to see, and don’t see, this conflict.”

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An Upper Hand

21 Jul

I grew up in a nail shop & until recently, I was a strictly single-color-nail-polish girl. Forever armed with a shoe box full of shades I’d nabbed over the years from the my mom’s salon shelves, I’ve been DIYing my nails for years. Then, last month, I read a piece on Refinery29 about Solange Knowles’ “inspired style” and the final photo in the set featured her incredible, bright yellow, calgel* reverse french manicure…of my dreams.

Since discovering what’s possible, I’ve been hooked. When you begin to research creative nail design, the work of Sophy Robson is sure to soon follow. “Ms. Manicure”, as she’s been called, based out of London, Sophy’s work has appeared in French Vogue, Elle, on the hands of countless models, musicians, and the like. I’m newly obsessed with her designs & I’ve posted some of my favorites to share:

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On Edge

24 Jun

Some pieces from photographer Ren Hang out of China. I love the danger in them:

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Star Wears

18 Jun

Here goes John Woo, making me smile. The Hong Kong-based illustrator has dubbed his latest series of work ‘He Wears It’, and it features characters from Star Wars rocking menswear from designers like Band of Outsiders and COMME des GARCONS. I love these, Boba Fett lookin’ extra fly.

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Deep Blue Scene

18 May

Some underwater photos from Jill Greenberg‘s studio. I wasn’t over-the-moon about these at first, but something about the colors being so crisp and luscious, I just enjoy looking at them. And wanted to share.

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