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Sleepy Hollow

31 Oct

Some personal photos for a change. Taken on a short journey up the Hudson with a dear friend. Thank you, Autumn. Continue reading


Flag Series

17 Oct

I really enjoyed New York artist Sara Rahbar’s Flag Series – a powerful, beautifully-titled collection of re-imagined U.S. flags made from textile and mixed media:

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Blonde Moment

16 Oct

Erykah Badu, The Roots, and others performed at the Hennessy Artistry event in New York this week. I had to look twice, like, is that you Erykah? And wanted to share her dopeness:

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13 Jul

Mother Bucka's Ice Cream Parlor on W8th St., 1977

With record-breaking heat in New York over the last few weeks and caution from Con Ed to avoid city-wide blackouts, I thought it would be appropriate to look back to the blackout of 1977 on its July 14th anniversary.

It has been DISGUSTING in the city. Walking out of my apartment doors at 8:30am, I am instantly smothered in the kind of air that surely would circulate a crowded mens’ locker room after team practice in the Mojave Desert. Last summer, during heat like this, a blackout spread over my neighborhood with a cataclysmic boom for twelve hours. In the early evening, everyone peacefully congregated outside while the local grocer hocked its fast-thawing stock of frozen foods. By night the whole neighborhood seemed asleep, blanketlessly wrestling the heat in their beds. Coming home the next day, we threw away meats and milk from our fridges. It was eventless. Nothing like ’77.

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Goodnight, Lena

10 May

The lovely & unforgettable Lena Horne passed last night, 92-years-old, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. I was interested to learn recently that Lena Horne was born to an upper-middle class family in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn (Each side of her family belonged to what W. E. B. Du Bois called “The Talented Tenth“) & that she was blacklisted from working in Hollywood during the “red scare” because of her progressive political beliefs.

My most memorable Lena Horne moment to follow:

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Ready, Set, Met.

4 May
Liya Kebede on the way to this year’s Met Ball, compliments of Rachel Roy

It’s that time of year again: The Met Costume Institute Gala & Exhbition. Last year’s exhibition, “Model as Muse”, brought out some fun and creative looks from the crowd; while this year’s exhibition, “American Women: Fashioning a National Identity”, brought out a lot of safe, iconic looks from the past. I’ve given my top picks to designs that saw this exhbition as an opportunity to dress an edgier American woman. My top 7 to follow:

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We Are Happy to Serve You

30 Apr

R.I.P. Leslie Buck, designer of the Anthora Coffee Cup

Full Times article, here. & the sort of vase that inspired the design, here.

Adieu, St. Vinnu

13 Apr

St. Vincent's Hospital, 1916

I thought I’d do a post in the wake of the tragic/shameful closing of New York’s 160-year-old St. Vincent’s Hospital (which welcomed my pops to the world).

It’s also National Poetry Month, which is fitting, as St. Vincent’s was once called “Poet’s Hospital” after it became the birthplace of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and deathplace of Dylan Thomas. Check out the short and sweet article in L Magazine.

I’ll also include this poem by W.S. Merwin:

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Mixta Printa

7 Apr

I thought I’d share some of my favorite prints by Latino artists, all part of the permanent collection at Museo del Barrio (new and improved space!). I could showcase any one of these artists on their own, but I love the lot of them today:


Ester Hernández, Sun Mad, 1982

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A Bare Beginning

28 Mar

At 3am this morning Erykah Badu released her video for “Window Seat”, the first single from her new album, Return of the Ankh. The full album is out this Tuesday & I’m psyched. Love love love the video:

According to Questlove on Twitter, the full video, filmed in Dallas, was shot in a single take.