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The Summer Under: Sandals Edition

16 Jun
I’ve been caught up in my sweet, petunias-planted June & it’s been a while since my last post. So, in the name of summer appreciation, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite summer sandals under $100 (I don’t want you going broke while there is Mister Softee to devour & The Dead Weather on tour):

Lucky Brand, Koko Wedge Sandal, $99

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le chic batik : GIFTGUIDE : holiday 2009

4 Dec


‘Tis the season…for coveting things you cannot afford & imagining what your life would be like if you could have them. And in the spirit of things, I have created a gift guide with many things from my own wishlist:

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film style: ANNIE HALL

24 Apr


Woody Allen’s Annie Hall takes place in 1977 New York City, hyper-focusing on the relationship between two people with fascinating neuroses. In the film, Diane Keaton’s look is balanced by layers of masculine and feminine details, a ‘gamine tomboy’. I love Annie Hall and am obsessed with most Woody Allen movies from the late 70’s-early 80’s (and some beyond), partly because of how well he constructs New York City as a character in his films. On top of all this, I’m really feeling androgenous style, so I thought I would reconstruct some looks from Annie Hall:

anniestanding1This is probably the most iconic outfit from the film; this is from the scene after they meet at the racket club and have some hilarious inner-monologues over wine. I found some pieces that are airy enough to stand up to a New York summer, and also conversions from men’s fashion, plus some colorful wedges to modernize Annie’s look. The second outfit from the movie is pretty timeless, but I picked out some current pieces I think look cool – enjoy! Click here to check out Film Style: Warriors.

Plastic Island Tunic

Plastic Island Tunic


Ralph Lauren Chino Gauchos

Jean Paul Gaultier Woven Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal

Gaultier Woven Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal


Marc by Marc Jacobs Tortoiseshell Glasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tortoiseshell Glasses

American Apparel Sheer Scarf

American Apparel Sheer Scarf

Only Hearts Voile Shirtdress

Only Hearts Voile Shirtdress

film style: THE WARRIORS

8 Apr


In the spirit of New York’s decline into the 1970s (with help from the MTA Doomsday Budget Plan), I will be celebrating the style of a girl gang, The Lizzies, in Walter Hill’s 1979 classic, The Warriors. For those not familiar with the plot, the movie follows a gang, some real tough guys (dig those vests!), The Warriors, on an epic journey back to their turf in Coney Island from an all-gang meeting in the Bronx after being framed for a controversial murder. Between The Bronx and Coney Island, The Warriors encounter a slew of neighborhood gangs trying to kill them. One of those gangs being the Union Square Lizzies.


Trying to pull off the quintessential late 70’s girl-gang look can be tough. Luckily, The Lizzies keep things simple. Weapons of choice: knives & an occasional handgun. thelizzies013Clothing of choice: jeans, tees or button-downs, something with a hood. If a Lizzie has hair, she keeps it big, a Lizzie rocking a short cut, keeps it slick.

As a young woman in Doomsday-Budget-Era New York City, you might find yourself skulking around the Union Square station on the weekend, endlessly waiting for a train. While you are probably at the station for a ride back to your outer-borough apartment, and The Lizzies were there to shank some Warriors, the station is the same – why not rock the Lizzies style?

insightteeFirst things, first: being a girl on the move, you’ll want a good fundamental layer – you never know when things will cool down or heat up, fast. Try Insight’s What’s the Story tee– it’s relaxed-fit, scoop neck and has a snap at the back that lets you cinch-in the shape.

marcbymarcNext, you’ll need to cover up, and if you’re like a Lizzie, you’ll go for comfort & style. Like this Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Stellar Dot’ Jacquard Hoody.

membersonlyjacketsThen, of course, you need a little bit of sex appeal. Look slim & dangerous in these  Members Only Liquid Leather Leggings.


To cop the style of other gangs from The Warriors, click here.