A Bubblegum Palette

4 Aug

I really like these photographs from Eastern Congo by Richard Mosse. There’s something other-worldly about them. They are not photoshopped. Mosse used Aerochrome Kodak Infrared film, an obsolete technology, to create the effect of purpleness.

The film, designed in connection with the United States military during the Cold War, reveals a spectrum of light beyond what the human eye can perceive. According to The New Yorker, Mosse aims “to shock the viewer with this surprising bubblegum palette, and provoke questions about how we tend to see, and don’t see, this conflict.”

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Ciao, Lolita

2 Aug


Lolita Lebrón passed away last night in a hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at age 90. Known for her attack on the U.S. capitol in 1954, on behalf of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Lebrón’s message continues to go on unanswered in the commonwealth status of Puerto Rico.

None of the congressmen who were shot at during the attack died that day & Lolita was granted clemency from President Jimmy Carter after serving 25 years in prison, later to be received in Habana as a guest of Fidel Castro.

The Washington Post ran an article today, remembering Lolita Lebrón, my favorite exerpt from the article:

In the photograph, a striking Ms. Lebron wears a set jaw and a stylish skirt and jacket. She had expected to die that day, and police found a note in her purse along with a tube of lipstick and Bromo-Seltzer pills.

“My life I give for the freedom of my country,” the note read. “The United States of America are betraying the sacred principles of mankind in their continuous subjugation of my country.”

More images after the jump:

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Problems with Hurricanes

31 Jul

Because I love this & it’s summertime in New York & because I’m feeling a little bit Cruz-y:

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An Upper Hand

21 Jul

I grew up in a nail shop & until recently, I was a strictly single-color-nail-polish girl. Forever armed with a shoe box full of shades I’d nabbed over the years from the my mom’s salon shelves, I’ve been DIYing my nails for years. Then, last month, I read a piece on Refinery29 about Solange Knowles’ “inspired style” and the final photo in the set featured her incredible, bright yellow, calgel* reverse french manicure…of my dreams.

Since discovering what’s possible, I’ve been hooked. When you begin to research creative nail design, the work of Sophy Robson is sure to soon follow. “Ms. Manicure”, as she’s been called, based out of London, Sophy’s work has appeared in French Vogue, Elle, on the hands of countless models, musicians, and the like. I’m newly obsessed with her designs & I’ve posted some of my favorites to share:

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Maybe Next Time, Vogue Africa

17 Jul

Photographer and makeup artist Mario Epanya has been working on an initiative to create Vogue Africa, which this week was turned down by Conde Nast Publications. The project had a lot of support, including from Vogue Italia, which ran a full feature story on Epanya and the fictional magazine he was working to create.

The Fashion Bomb ran an interesting interview with Epanya where he addressed some of the criticism of the proposed Vogue Africa from Nigeria’s Ladybrille Magazine, by saying:

Globalization is real and it’s time for Africa to sit at the table and propose what we can do instead of waiting to hear what we have to or should do. I say YES to Vogue Africa if it will permit dynamic creation in African fashion and YES to Vogue Africa if it would allow Africans to re-appropriate their identity, and YES 10 million times to Vogue Africa. Long live an open minded African continent that continues to make its voice heard. Amen.”

Vote in the poll & check out a slideshow of the hypothetical Vogue Africa covers, below:

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13 Jul

Mother Bucka's Ice Cream Parlor on W8th St., 1977

With record-breaking heat in New York over the last few weeks and caution from Con Ed to avoid city-wide blackouts, I thought it would be appropriate to look back to the blackout of 1977 on its July 14th anniversary.

It has been DISGUSTING in the city. Walking out of my apartment doors at 8:30am, I am instantly smothered in the kind of air that surely would circulate a crowded mens’ locker room after team practice in the Mojave Desert. Last summer, during heat like this, a blackout spread over my neighborhood with a cataclysmic boom for twelve hours. In the early evening, everyone peacefully congregated outside while the local grocer hocked its fast-thawing stock of frozen foods. By night the whole neighborhood seemed asleep, blanketlessly wrestling the heat in their beds. Coming home the next day, we threw away meats and milk from our fridges. It was eventless. Nothing like ’77.

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On Edge

24 Jun

Some pieces from photographer Ren Hang out of China. I love the danger in them:

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Star Wears

18 Jun

Here goes John Woo, making me smile. The Hong Kong-based illustrator has dubbed his latest series of work ‘He Wears It’, and it features characters from Star Wars rocking menswear from designers like Band of Outsiders and COMME des GARCONS. I love these, Boba Fett lookin’ extra fly.

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The Summer Under: Sandals Edition

16 Jun
I’ve been caught up in my sweet, petunias-planted June & it’s been a while since my last post. So, in the name of summer appreciation, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite summer sandals under $100 (I don’t want you going broke while there is Mister Softee to devour & The Dead Weather on tour):

Lucky Brand, Koko Wedge Sandal, $99

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Deep Blue Scene

18 May

Some underwater photos from Jill Greenberg‘s studio. I wasn’t over-the-moon about these at first, but something about the colors being so crisp and luscious, I just enjoy looking at them. And wanted to share.

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