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Double Take

6 May

Two new videos released this week that illicit totally different emotional reactions: Sade’s “Baby Father” & Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?”. Each of the videos feature the ladies as sexy housewives, one in a whimsical neighborhood, and one in a campy parody of 1960’s domesticity. Both fantastic.

Videos after the cut:

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100 Single Ladies

22 Apr


If you’re like me, you can’t really picture British people dancing…but you’re wrong! This week 100 women dressed in leotards interrupted foot traffic in Central London’s Picadilly Circus with a synchronized dance routine of Beyonce’s masterpiece, ‘Single Ladies’.

I really wish this would have happened outside the Houston Street subway station on my way to work, apparently the dancers seemingly converged from out of nowhere and fell into step with one another, passerbys, stopping in business casual to snap their fingers and sing along… sort of like my weekday commute looks like in my dreams…

A combination of professionals and Beyonce devotees answered the singer’s audition call for the event which was to publicise her exclusive concert in the O2 arena on November 25. Watch the video below: